Monday, July 6, 2009

Let's Go Yankees (Staten Island, that is...)

minor league baseball is the best
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Yesterday we had an absolute blast at a Staten Island Yankees game. Zachary loved the ferry ride both ways. He showed his spaceman toy all of the passing boats. He's in a super intense doll phase. He has a little plastic tiger, and he offered him almost every bite of dinner tonight. Z also fell in love with Scooter. The "Holy Cow". One of the mascots for the SI yankees. We ended up borrowing seats way up towards the front by third base. Scooter came by several times to dance on top of the dugout and every time Z was frozen in admiration. It was unbelievable.

It was a big day of learning. He learned to yell "Charge!" (although usually a little late). He learned to clap along with the cheers. And he watched the baseball with SUCH INTENSITY through the entire thing. I sort of expected he would just want to run around. But he climbed down the stairs to the very front and stayed surprisingly focused. Apparently he was taking notes. This afternoon when we got home he asked for a ball and ran to the hallway to play "throw". The catching? That might take one more baseball game to learn.


Eilat said...

Awesome! That means Ronen *will* have some one to play baseball with him this weekend. We've got all the eaquipment. Can't wait!

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh! I had not thought of that. Oh yes. It will be fantastic. Chaotic. And fantastic.

Debbie said...

that is the cutest. I can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks!!! (sorry mark, see you in october)