Thursday, April 15, 2010

That go Austin?

We've been talking, occasionally, about our inevitable relocation. Recently Z has gotten very interested in what all is headed out with us. I think perhaps it started because I took an airplane WITHOUT HIM recently, and no amount of reinterpretation got him on that plane. So he figured - better start angling to make sure everything important made it to Texas ;)

(points to Linus) "Go Austin?"

"Yes, Both cats are coming to Austin."

(points to the table "That come Austin?"

"Yes, the table is coming to Austin."

(points to the light switch on the wall) "That come Austin?"

*grin* "No. The light switch is part of this house. It is not coming to Austin."

He's really just helping us organize our packing. He did of course confirm that the three of us and the cats were the first things going.

Now we're working on the idea of "Not for a while..." *grin*

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