Sunday, April 25, 2010


Seriously, how jaded can you sound at two and a half?

Roughly like you will at 15, it turns out.

"Hey Zachary, what's this?" (a common phrase, as we've tried to encourage him to learn new words/things/etc.)

(insert sarcastic teenager face/tone/slouch here)

"I Don'T Know"...

(geesh, why would you think I would know? I'M TWO. Crazy lady)

Yeah. Why would I think you would know? Just yesterday, you asked for "More comedy, please" once the radio show stopped. So asking you about the color of a car is CRAZYTALK....


This phrase is only heard slightly more often than "I *know* that..."

Right. Yes. Silly me.... I don't know why I would think I would have to explain a SARCOPHOGUS to you. The most pre-eminent two year old egyptologist ever to live...

*rolls eyes*

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