Saturday, August 21, 2010

From Texarkana

Half and half, Arkansas and Texas... I don't know which we're in, but Mark is voting Arkansas.. it smells like cows...

We're almost there! Ok, almost, six hours.. but we're going to make it tonight. Happy thoughts. A little more breakfast than back in the truck for the last leg.

Everyone is holding up. Even the cats (now in two separate carriers, thanks petsmart outside of bristol, virginia, where the nascar race was conveniently filling all the hotels)...

But, I disgress. Best moment of yesterday. When Zachary took his bouncy ball (acquired at a taco bell) and put his rubber band ring (long story - gas station) around the center and goes "Look Mom! Like saturn!"

Yeah, that's my kid.

In other news? Why is every store made to DESTROY FAMILIES?? Ugh. Gas stations, fast food restaurants, everything. Also, why are there NO playgrounds at rest areas?

Anyway, we've adjusted to the rhythm of the road. See you soon, from Austin!

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