Sunday, January 30, 2011

Were you wondering how a three year old blackmails?

With traffic cones, it turns out.

We know, we know. Pictures. Some coming shortly, from a fantastic play date this morning. Zachary was missing his friends from his old class, and two of them came over to play. Much fun was had.

Then we went to the hardware store to pick things up to make a climbing wall. Zachary is in love, Mark is feeling healthy enough to start exercising at the speed of a three year old, and the whole thing makes me smile. We're running through the aisles playing with.. whatever, and I grabbed a small orange cone because... They're awesome? It made a good hat? Zachary then wanted to return to the cones, inspect their quality and height for possible T-ball applications... and build a family?

That's right. He took off two big cones, a medium sized cone, a little cone and said... "Baby, Brother, Mommy, and Daddy!!" and then, looking very pleased with himself, went to get two more little cones. "AND THE CATS!!!"

Maybe we should tell him that once he learns to change diapers, we can have a talk.

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