Friday, January 28, 2011

"Watch and Learn"

Tonight as we were eating dinner, Zachary suddenly grasped his fork and gave it a flourish.


I tried not to react. This is the constant battle of parenting a 3 year old. Trying not to fall to the floor laughing. I made eye contact with Mark and mouthed "Did you hear that??"

Zachary watched sharply, cackled, and repeated "Watch and learn!"

He wildly stabbed his mac and cheese, wounding more than he caught and flew them towards his face with a force unknown in nature.

He then balanced it carefully on his closed mouth, smirked, and opened his mouth so slowly that the single pasta shell plummeted to the floor.

Definitely didn't see that coming.

Rinse and repeat. Eventually he managed a BITE FULL of pasta. Watch and learn indeed. The cackling spread. "you ate a bite! High five!"

I held up my hand.

He cheered and swung his fork, up until moments ago hidden under the table, aimed straight for the center of my palm.

They should use toddlers to train secret agents to have quick reflexes. Only the strong survive.

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