Monday, September 24, 2012

Who switched my child?

So Z and I talked over the weekend about having a quick and speed morning, with more of a schedule. I've been trying to get him into the idea of going to kindergarden at Maplewood school which starts at 7:45AM! Anyway we agreed to set the alarm clocks and when the morning came around I went to check on him and his alarm got louder and louder and he just didn't even move. Ok I turned it off gave him a cuddle and went to get on with my morning, he could have a bit more sleep and I'll give up the early plan. So just as I get out of the shower I hear, thunk. I check. His door is closed and the light is on, "don't come in daddy". OK I'll leave him be and while I'm getting dressed, I hear clink clank. "hhmmmm" I go to the kitchen. Z has got out the whetabix, milk and is now getting bowls, not only for himself but for me. Awwww. And he is fully dressed! Amazing, so I ask again who came in the night and switched my child?

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