Monday, February 11, 2013

And then his brain exploded

Watching Zachary try to fall asleep is like watching a sperm whale battle a giant squid. It is painful, and intriguing, and you're never quite sure who is going to triumph.

This evening he was charming, but his brain is literally exploding like a pinball game gone sentient and out of control. As he was falling asleep he cycled through the following questions/statements/musings

1) What does it feel like when a mommy has a baby in her belly and she doesn't want it there? What does it feel like for the baby? Do you have to kill the baby? (I think, after some gentle exploring, that this is a mash up of our explanations of my work with The Lilith Fund along with one of his old teachers being very pregnant.) We discussed it. If you ever need advice on talking to your 5 year old about making babies, miscarriage, and abortion, let me know, because now I've been there. Heads up? Watch Mr. Popper's Penguins first.

2) How do you make rock? Can we make rock now? (No, go to sleep)

3) Is our sun going to explode? (In these instances being an astrophysicist totally pays off.)

4) Mommy, I want to take a break from Power Rangers for this week.  (why?) It gives me scary dreams. I want to only watch gentle shows this week. (DONE.)
(NB - We do not, a la "Clockwork Orange", hold his eyes open and force him to watch Power Rangers. I know, you're shocked.)

And, as Mark mentioned, he WROTE HIS FIRST CAPITAL R.  We did not initially appreciate the significance of his original announcement, but he drove home the point. "No, Mom. My first capital R EVER. I AM BLOWING MY MIND RIGHT NOW"

Point taken. Consider that all of us.

He finished the rest of his valentines tonight. He was quite insistant we finish them this evening. As we were getting ready for bed, out of the blue, "I am SO relieved about the valentines." (in what way?) "They were really pressing on me".

Oh man. He is so my kid.

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