Friday, February 22, 2013


Zachary has been exploring the world of composition. He has been enjoying making up all sorts of funny and silly songs.

one of his recent (and more sensicle) is about not killing animals

Sarah caught most of it ....

Zachary is currently alternating between singing the spanish days of the week song, "Animals are good you shouldn't kill them they are part of nature don't cut down treeeeees", Batmaaaaaan.... Gold ranger!.... "Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, you shouldn't kill dinosaurs... Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, you can't find dinosaurs..."... oop, now spoken word "I am saying the introduction... This song is called the flight of the bumblebee... BZZ BZZ BZ I LIKE TO BZZ BZZ!...flying is my job.. making honey is my job!... " (repeat sections as you see fit) 

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