Friday, August 7, 2015

Base Words

Both of our children occasionally talk in their sleep. I'm not that surprised I suppose, because I've been known to talk in my sleep as well. Z just muttered something, and Mark goes "Oh yeah. Miriam talked in her sleep the other day. I forgot. But she only said one word. I wish I could remember it. It was one of her base words. Like Mama, or Dada, or Purple shoes......"

(She has a pair of purple flip flops. She is deeply enamored with them. We got them for vacation, since everyone else had flip flips and she loves them. She loves them more than anything else. She will mutter "Purple shoes" as her emotional flail when she's exhausted. The relationship with the purple shoes is complicated by the fact that she can not wear them to school, because you have to have closed toe shoes for school. No matter how adamant your toddler is about the flip flops."

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