Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Learning to Swim

We live in Texas. Land of a million degrees, and a similar number of swimming pools. Water safety is a pretty big deal. When we moved to Texas, we started Z in swimming lessons. But he was a little older than Miriam.

Only difference? Miriam is super ultra committed to running into the water. We went to the beach twice this year, and she LOVES IT. At LBI she kept picking her legs up to drift in the waves. Fantastic! And terrifying because she's actually quite big and strong and is quite persistent.

Several times she just ran for the water like nobodies business. WHOOSH. Baby. Plunging towards the Atlantic Ocean.

We finally decided to sign her up for a few lessons this month. There is a place across from our house, and she has been so keen on water it seemed with it for a few times.

And yet.

Yesterday we had our first lesson. She spent the entire time oscillating between saying "ALL DONE", trying to climb out of the pool, and trying to nurse.

I'm assuming several blogs have popped up from parents who wondered what sort of TERRIBLE MOTHER would take their TINY CHILD to swimming lessons to try and DROWN HER since she so OBVIOUSLY hates water.


Proud parenting moments.

Of course, the highlight was at 6am this morning when she bounded out of bed, climbed up to teeter on the edge of the tub, and shouted "SPLISHY SPLASH" until we put water in the sink for her to play with.

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