Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Crazy Mom Angst

Things are a little busy work brain squishy these days. And what am I spending my energy on? oh come on. You know how it is. You have a thousand things to do and instead you obsess about one weird little thing because it helps you not freak out about the eleven thousand other things. Sort of. And I don't mean chocolate covered raisins. Those aren't obsessing. Those are just tasty.

I've been obsessing about diapers. Or more particularly - what are we going to do with our cute little baby bottom as we trek around Europe? Although by trek around I really mean just a few nights in france, a few nights in london, and then quality Pirate time. I had managed to almost bring myself to the point where I could be ok with disposable diapers. Almost. So close. Until you tell me they last for 500 YEARS IN A LANDFILL.

And then I lost it. I was looking at gdiapers tonight, that was the focus of my valueless obsession. This is what happens when we have too many choices, people. Too many choices, and they start charging for luggage on red blooded american airlines.

I can not handle it anymore. :)

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