Thursday, May 29, 2008

Where A Boy Discovers that Sleep Has Many Shapes

Up until yesterday, Zachary was a still sleeper.

This is a little bit of a lie. He sort of wiggled. But he never *moved*. He always slept on his back and stayed where we put him. All these stories of children who throw off all their blankets and by the time everyone wakes up you find the baby in the bathtub? Oh yeah, I smirked. My baby could be asleep atop the cat tree and he WOULD BE THERE IN THE MORNING. And I wouldn't even lose sleep. Yup. Our baby, that hasn't stopped moving in 14 months? Sleeps like a still little angel. Ha.



I put him down for a nap on the bed yesterday, and seeing as the bed is much safer than the cat tree, I didn't put pillows next to him. We usually do, as a sort of nod to parental safety because you always hear those stories and don't want to be the dumb ones.


I hear him make some little noise and think "Aw, I'll go look at his cute sleepy face".

His cute sleepy face had rolled all the way to the edge of the bed where he was now executing a precrawl pushup. In his sleep. On the edge of our bed.

Sorry, was that not clear? ON THE EDGE OF THE BED.

I almost died. Ok, really I scooped him up and fed him a little and then when Mark got home said "HE CAN NEVER EVER SLEEP ANYWHERE BUT IN A BOX. ON THE FLOOR. A BOX WITH PADDED WALLS AND A PADDED FLOOR. ON A SOFT FLOOR."


Ok, I didn't say that. But I did count my lucky parental stars.

And now he's sound asleep in his crib, where he has flipped over and wriggled all the way to the corner and wriggled his hand through the bars. It is a whole new world.

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