Monday, July 7, 2008

England Augments Z-Skills

That's right in the series of videos (coming soon) you'll see all of the mad skills Zachary has gained.
Leaving France Taxi, Plane, Train London...yay tube (the second underground system of the trip) and friends and rest :-) Zachary got to our hotel room and while awaiting the penulitamate dr who, Zachary decided to try out crawling with knees. He'd been going around on his belly in an army-crawl for a few weeks before we left new york. Not only did he crawl to the bin but then he decided to reverse into sitting. In his mind there was no going back, he hasn't stopped moving since. Tube, Train, Plane, and YAY, we reach Granny and Grandpa Cornwall's house. And Zachary has found that crawling to shelves, tables or chairs can help himself to pull up to standing, and the new favourite game, squat, stand, squat, stand. The sitting it turns out is a great way to check for the best location to go standing, surveying the room before setting off in a now quite speedy crawl.
The standing has even spurred him onto great feats, he has become so steady on his feet (oh and we got cute blue dino shoes btw)that now he has started to cruise along the table or when holding fingers will actually walk several steps before collapsing in a heap of exhaustion, from both physical and mental excersion.
Also expect new teeth!

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