Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sleep Training, Redux, Part I

Ok. Did I blog this before? Who knows. Not me. I'm in a fog of the partially rested.

Many moons ago, when Zachary was barely a sprout, we "sleep trained". Ha. I say sleep trained. I mean... we sort of managed to get him to fall asleep in his crib. Ish. Or something. There was a little "crying it out", but it was nothing. Like, four minutes of him saying "i'm tired, yo!" quietly, really, when I look back on it. Anyway, he fell asleep nursing, he'd settle in his crib, and sometimes after a top up when we went to bed he'd go back to his crib. Sometimes he'd stay with us. We were, mostly, getting ok sleep. We might get a little fussy night around teething or something. But fine.

We travelled and travelled and travelled. See below.

Zachary mostly slept with us because its easy. Plan and simple. Easy peasy. And we were asking a lot of him, with the running around, and all the new people, and the time zones. No probs. We'd settle down when we returned to normal.

Sleeping sucks.

He is only taking naps with company. He is pretty much only nursing to sleep. And if we miss the small window of sleepiness, he gets a second wind. Except like a drunk person. There is staggering. On everyone's part. And he's waking up in our bed to.. Kick. And Fart. And nurse. and fart some more.

I may not be entirely responsible for my actions at this point.

Vingettes to follow.

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