Monday, July 21, 2008


That's what our pediatrician called Z today at this 9 month checkup. No shots, YAY! Just for those he like to laugh at how big, Z-slim, really is, here are the facts and figures:

wieght 25.6 lb (~90th %tile)
hieght 29.5 inches (that the same as my in-seam) (105th %tile)
head 47 cm (99th %tile)

Dr Allendorf sat him up and gave him a good prod-push to try and knock him over. Zachary just looked up at him with a puzzled face, that said what's this new game then? We also learnt a new reflex... Which I think we'll video and post because again Zachary thought it was good fun for him to get flung head long towards the table.

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Debbie said...

nice batch o' pics! I particularly like the ones with my sister in them, and facing the camera ;) I'm so jealous, it looks like you guys are having too much fun. Love you!