Monday, August 11, 2008

New cupboards, yay!

I have 3 minutes: ok Zachary had his first big fall this weekend. He caught us off gaurd because he has gotten pretty good at only falling backwards, and doing a kind of slow motion, martial arts fall, and seems to be find and never bang himself.....until now. Sarah and I were both doing things with half an eye each on Z. He pitched forward, a rarity in itself, and smacked his heaqd on the corner of the rocking chair leg. He came up SCREEEEEEEAMMMING but soon calmed down and really hated the ice more than the bump. It also seemed to take his mind off his hurty teeth. He had a huge dent above his right eyebrow and we both thought, uh oh, this is going to go black and lumpy, call cps, type bruise. But fortunately it never really got bad. We off course looked up all the head injury symptoms straight away, since this was the first major bang, but all is well otherwise. Also 2 of the four teeth are now poking through, I may try for another mouth shot to capture this momentous occasion since he has been in better spirits, after a good nights sleep, and a little less pain on the teeth front. In the meantime here for your entertainment is Z at his best, active as always, a playing with Sarahs record box:

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