Thursday, August 7, 2008

not dead, just dead tired

Crush on marmalade
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And really busy, Z is a ball of fuss, about 50 percent of the time at the moment, he has all four top teeth cutting through, and is unsurprisingly not that impressed with the whole teeth thing. We're giving him ice, and lots of things to chew, and tylenol to help him at night. We're also trying to get some work done, ha. And keep the apartment tidy after the now rapidly moving Zachary descends on every shelf within grab-standing range and pulls stuff to the floor. My rule I have to tidy it before bed otherwise I'll break my neck if the cats require my attention in the middle of the night. Also I have a DIY project of building and screwing our new ikea shelving to the walls. We got some shelving, for extra stogage space and with big doors to limit the mess described previously. ok off to the store to get fud for dinn-arrrggggwhatamIgoingtomake :-)

for Mike "where's the ring?" Berkowitz, who complained about the lack of posts before any of the grandparents did!

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