Thursday, August 14, 2008

10 months old??

My goodness.
That's it then. He's officially been out in the world longer than anywhere else, pretty much. Plus or minus a few days. For some reason this seems like a real milestone to me, even though that's deeply weird. Too bad :) Lots of our friends are pregnant, and it seems like such a very long time ago. I can't imagine this time last year. Being pregnant is filed away in some other cabinet in my brain. I suspect its some side effect of keeping up with a baby + survival instincts so we all keep having children.

Zachary is moving around like crazy. Crawling really is locked in, and he has suddenly started popping up to walk again. Hmmm. I'm suspicious of where this is leading, yes I am. He's following us around the house. And going where he wants to go. As Mark mentioned... Yesterday, he took himself to the bath. Too funny. Mark found a cool pop up tent in our lobby swap area and brought it home. Zachary took a prebath spin (mostly to show me how fun it was)... and we were still entertained when he was like "Hello, people. Its BATH TIME". Right. Sorry. Bad parents, no biscuit.

He's been flirting with the idea of one nap. *SIGH*. *grin*. I guess. I don't want to talk about it. Night has been slowly getting better.
And he seems to be almost the owner of three teeth. One of the middle ones? I don't see. How can he be gap toothed before he has teeth? Hysterical.

Oh! And he and linus are wrestling. Its ridiculous. Zachary falls on linus. Linus fails to get out of the way and goes flat on the ground. We intervene in a variety of ways (and speeds) trying to encourage Linus to MOVE ALONG. Linus makes it clear this is funny to him. I think its his way of playing martyr. Hard to know...

8 more weeks and he'll be ONE YEAR OLD.

I don't know what to do with that, so I'm knitting him a sweater. You'll see pictures as it progresses. 8 weeks. Huh. ;)

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Debbie said...

I can't believe my munchkin is all growed up!!!