Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Nana Daddy Uh oh

"Mark? Did Zachary eat a banana but drop part of it somewhere?"
*awkward pause*

"Yes? He dropped it crossing the street so we couldn't go back. How did you know?"

(flashback four minutes)

Mark & Zachary got home yesterday from picking up CSA veg. It was a toddler meltdown. He was obviously hungry, and past the point of caring. I scooped him up from the hallway as he lost it at top volume and by the time we were half way in the house the chorus of "Baba!" demands were coming fast & furious between the sniffles. "Don't you want some dinner?" *sobsobsob* "BABA!" "Fine. You can nurse for 1 minute before you have some dinner" *snifflesniffle*

So we sat on the couch to calm down. And I'm asking what he wants for dinner, and what he ate at daycare, and other miscellaneous food related babble to encourage him to move on to dinner. And he looks up and goes "Nana!" and points to his mouth.

Now, we're trying hard to encourage Zachary to "use his words". Because he has them. Really he does. But frankly he communicates pretty well without full sentences. So we've been trying to encourage him to string things together, and trying to respond quite as quickly even though we generally get the gist of what he's going for. But its a tricky balance. Because being 2 is frustrating enough.

"Ah! You want a banana?"
*headshake no*

"Did you eat a banana?"


"Yum. At daycare?"

*headshake no* (which is funny, because he is QUITE able to say no)


"Ah, Daddy gave you a banana?"

*headshake yes*

"Uh oh!!" *wild hand motioning off to one side*

*puzzled look on mommy's face*

"It fell down? Did part of it fall down?"

*vigorous nod*

"Nana daddy uh oh!!!"

(flash forward)

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Debbie said...

awesome. i'll be asking him to give a toast at the wedding.