Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Morning Madness

Ok, it wasn't mad at all. Funny, though.

I leave tonight for France for a few days. Lots to do, was mostly lying in bed trying not to get up this morning. I've been trying to discourage Z from coming to bed at crazy hours with us - his teething+sick got intense a few days back (one, possibly two of those eye teeth [i-teeth as in incisors?] - finally through! Thank heavens)... Now that I think he's suffering less, we've been trying to keep him in his own bed. But at about 6:20am he comes and begs to nurse. I say no, he throws a bit of a fit and gets over it (yay) but of course... then he's up. Mark manages to distract him with a cheese stick (which he brings back to bed). Still not convinced that he's interested, Zachary pops off our bed with the cheesestick and marches purposefully out of the bedroom. Mark and I wait quietly... he is capable of entertaining himself, right? Our house isn't too dangerous.... but it is too quiet in the living room. He's probably eaten one of the cats or started a fire or something. Mark goes to check, giggles, and motions me to get up. Zachary has ensconced himself on the couch, pulled a quilt over his lap, and his patting this giant anthology of children's stories.


"Do you want to read a story?"

(vigorous nodding. Giant book pulled onto lap. vigorous patting of couch indicating parental sitting)

Right. Got it. I guess its morning now. :)

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