Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy thursday!

Thanks mom. You totally cursed me with the swine flu. Just thought you should know. ;)

Ok, maybe not the swine flu. But a fever, a bit, and a sore throat. Oy. Toddler = all sorts of illnesses. Not Z. He might have been a little under the weather this weekend, but he's chipper and sound asleep (perhaps not at the same time) now. Mark is off at Brookhaven doing wonderful science, and I'm holding down the fort.

The start of our week was pretty funny. Zachary had fun at the wedding. He was a little fussy, but we just wrote it off to dragging him around and trying to convince him to sit through a wedding.

Tuesday broke and he... screamed. No joke. It was awesome. Morning isn't usually traumatic. He actually cried in his stroller as we headed to daycare. Like the sky was falling. Humourously, he stopped crying long enough to say hello to everyone in our lobby. Red faced, tears dripping everywhere. Big smile on his face. Till we walked out the door then right back to the screaming. *sigh* Could someone mail us shirts that say "We aren't actually torturing him right at this very moment"..? That would help, thanks.

Wednesday morning was pretty much like a comedy sketch. He asked Mark for an umbrella as we were getting ready to leave. Then he asked for his baseball cap. He pulled the cap on low over his eyes, shook open the umbrella.... and started to walk. He was actually quite clever about it. He used the umbrella like cat whiskers and bounced against the walls. He managed to stay upright. He shuffled into the elevator, which was of course full of people. I had a lovely conversation with a woman wearing her baby girl. It went something like this : "Oh, she's so cute! How old is she?" "Thanks! Eleven months! How old is your..." "Umbrella? He's almost two."

We got downstairs and Zachary ran like a cannonball all the way till he got to the desk. He said hallo to Felicia, and then as we reached the first set of doors he stopped. He carefully raised his hand up so he could hold the edge of the umbrella and Mark's hand at the same time. And then proceeded onward.

I'm proud to say at no time did I pee in my pants laughing.

Eventually the umbrella got put away, because really, it does impede street navigation when only 3 feet off the ground. Sort of like one of those mushroom thingies in pinball. Except its moving.

He might be crazy, but at least he's entertaining.

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