Thursday, February 11, 2010

Making it rain

Zachary has been terribly grown up lately. He helps to feed the cats by carrying their food to their shelf, and putting it down. He helped make stir fry for dinner earlier this week by pouring in veg and stirring it all up together. He even pushed the buttons for the microwave tonight to heat up his dinner. Mad skillz.

But my favorite?

That Mark has taught him how to switch between the shower and the bath faucet. How do I know?

That would be my toddler yelling "Make it rain, make it rain!" like a strung out stripper on a saturday night as he runs naked through our house.


I'm hoping they don't watch a lot of rap videos at day care. Otherwise this could go badly.

(ps - this link is not for the old, young, or infirm. But you've probably found that out the hard way by now. ;>)

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