Monday, February 22, 2010

Zachary's pockets

The contents of Zachary's pockets are extremely informative as to his current state. So I thought I'd provide you with a list of recent items, to help you understand.

1) A car. Or two.

2) A nut. He found it on the ground near a car where someone was doing repairs on said car. He will tell you the story about it when he finds the nut in his pocket. He knows what it is. A nut.

3) A bouncy super ball.

4) An imaginary bouncy super ball. More appropriate to inside games.

5) Food. Cheerios. Cheddar bunnies. Pieces of bagel. Pretzels. Definitely carb heavy. In other words, Backup Fuel.

6) Your nose. Sometimes he steals it and forgets to give it back.

7) A jumping dog. The jumping dog first made an appearance at the dinner table, standing on the back of Z's high chair. He has since been kenneled during dinner, but often escapes at other humourous times. One has to always be alert for the jumping dog.

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