Tuesday, February 2, 2010

1500 miles away

There is nothing like being a zillion miles away to appreciate what you have at home.

Although what I have right here is delicious vietnamese food and some hot chocolate.

What I miss already is a crazy toddler who is adamant about wearing his infant sunglasses and rainboots to day care on a sunny day. And his orange and yellow pjs to sleep. And is in two days has gone to being ok with us just checking on him a bit - falling asleep in 20 minutes, instead of two hours. Amazing. We're all sort of settling in post growth spurt and figuring out all his new tricks. He's counting, more clearly all the time. He's oscillating wildly between monsters and no monsters. One day he runs through the house chasing out the monsters by turning on the lights and giggling and growling. The next day he doesn't want to read "where the wild things are" ("NO MONSTERS"). Yes sir. We're trying hard to make clear boundaries as he figures out what he wants, needs, loves, and hates.

Its a giant adventure.

Did I mention he either travels at light speed run or bunny hop?

Those are the only travel settings right now.

Or walking backwards waving his arms. That's only for special occasions. ;)

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Jacqueline said...

I smiled and laughed out loud. His craziness and your incredible love for him shine right through your post.