Thursday, December 13, 2007

All but one...

Why, you ask, did our charming boy get only two shots instead of three? Oh, that's right. Because the third got recalled this morning.
Seriously. This morning. How unreal is that? Mm. Anyway, he was a superstar. He yelled (duh, he got a jab in each thigh) but then I fed him and he looked a little dazed and fell asleep. Because he's amazing. :)
Also? The weather is currently a wintery mix. As we walked home it was hailing & snowing AT THE SAME TIME. Weather is whack. Let that be today's lesson.

1 comment:

debbie said...

a) wintery mix is terrible, i don't miss the east coast

b) i heard about the vaccine on the radio, i heard that there isn't going to be new vaccine for 9 months.... i was wondering if that was one of the ones he needed. weird.