Monday, December 3, 2007

So much news! So little time!

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Ok, first things first.
We went to the otolaryngologist. Whoa. Say that five times fast.


:) See? In caps, so there is no concern. The very nice doctor put a babysized scope down Zach's nose (yes, he loved that. Lots & lots.). It was very cool to watch what happened when he breathed - and what happens you might ask? Well, this little bit of muscle that isn't yet rigid closes up over his airway as he takes big breathes. And its fine. And it should go away around six months, or at least by two years. Here's to several more months of nursing next to loud machinary.

In much more *fun* news - Zachary suddenly noticed the world. Poof. The last few days he's been smiling at us, and looking around a little more. Yesterday was like the day the world was born. Suddenly he's staring at objects (and us) for ages. We got out this toy that was a gift (when received we thought it was so big it would eat him - he's caught up to it) - anyway, this video is a little clip...he's started to play. He gets frustrated because he knows he wants to grab, but his body hasn' t worked it out yet. But he spent a bunch of time (ok, several minutes, several times) staring at it (it has big eyes, and a mirror on one of the feet), waving his arms, making cooing talking sounds to it. Absolutely incredible.

We're such new parents. It is so much fun.


debbie said...

yay healthy munchkin!

Anonymous said...

being the gp's of such a happy baby, and fun parents, it makes me,...verglemped!