Wednesday, December 5, 2007

*Don't* wake a sleeping baby....

Start your laughing now.

Zachary is doing fantastically. So well, in fact, that his night sleeping is quickly stretching out. No huge surprise, really. He's a good eater, he's the size of a small sheep, he's turning two months old on saturday. And he's been a good sleeper, even when he was waking up frequently to feed. He's been sleeping ~5 hours at a stretch at night, and we were pleasantly surprised when that started (because 2-3 hours is just a little on the short side, frankly).

Last night, he slept a whopping 6 and a half hours. Whoo!

His parents, of course, slept more like 5.


Me: "Is he awake?"
(woke up through some combination of too much milk, squeaking baby, and hyperactive mom silliness)

Mark: "I don't know. He could be hungry."
(who knows why he's awake. Willow, probably. She has a sense of when her meowing is most effective/annoying)

(a long pause, during which the baby makes baby noises. Sleeping baby noises.)

Mark: "I could wake him up."

Sarah: "Don't wake the baby."

Mark: "Maybe he's overheated?"

Sarah: "Could be. Don't wake the baby."
(although at this point it would be bliss if he fed. Certainly more comfortable...)

Sarah: "I think this is an ok length of time for him to sleep. We should be happy. We're going back to sleep"

(ten minute pause)

(the baby makes some sort of noise. A sleeping baby noise.)

Sarah: "Is he hungry? Is he awake?"

Rinse and repeat.

Mark & Zachary are back in bed :)

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