Friday, December 7, 2007

Zach's first cold...

Be grateful there are no pictures. I definitely almost took one of the snot.
He was a little laggy yesterday and I was a little worried. But Mark had been a bit sick, I felt like I was getting a little sick, so we weren't entirely surprised. And so he slept and fussed for much of yesterday. Until night time. More fussing, less sleeping. He'd slept 7.5 hours the night before... maybe that was flukey and part of being sick. We were all excited that it might mean real sleep ;) We're so easily tricked. He woke up this morning and was *just pissed*. *grin* Not in the english sense. I got up and walked with him and he suddenly got quiet.... Oh, that's right. He screamed out the big giant lump of green snot and now... Big smiles! *laugh* Babies are amazing. We should all be so instantaneously fixable. Poof, no more snot, bring on the fun! He is such a happy baby, it is astounding.

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