Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Whatchu lookin at?
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Ok, this picture is surly but I thought after we've been a bit quiet we'd go for the full front. More stroller pictures (the rain cover one is sort of my favorite) off at flickr. We're getting back into the swing of things here. We went by the doctor's office today for the "missing" HiB vaccine, so young Mr. Collins is all caught up. He handled it like a champ. He also weighed in at (drum roll).... 18lbs 1oz. 25 3/4 inches. :) No more donuts after this, we promise. The stroller is fantastic. We can't wait to road test it on city streets. It came tonight and we both just ran around the apartment with it, to general uproar and cat scaring. I know, you're shocked that we couldn't wait till the morning. Also, although it looks bright in this pic due to the flash, all the edgy/strap bits are actually just greyish white. The magic of reflective shtuff. For when we're walking him in fog? :) Just chalk it up to safety in design...Thanks, Kate Spade ;)

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