Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Double Whammy Knockout

No joke. Zachary is *not* messing around. *grin* I figured this might help those with babywithdrawl symptoms (ehem) before I start dinner.


Ok, dinner in the oven, video uploaded.
Mostly this video makes us giggle because he manages to move the wrong hand first, while staring VERY intently at the blue sheep.

Zachary and I are almost over our colds and everyone is slowly getting back to eastern time. The crazy winds that blew over the tree outside my parents house (pictures forthcoming) have made it to new york, although the temperatures are freakishly warm. And although we do torture our baby by making him a website star, we don't do this. Thank goodness for small mercies. Although one might argue that the pictures are a fair predictor of the new hampshire primary outcomes. Just a thought.


debbie said...

ahhh, well blogged sister :) glad to hear you're feeling better, I'm in a chest cold fog over here. Love you and kisses to the munchkin. ps. i met a similarly huge 2 month old today... but his dad is 6'4 and mom is 5'11....

Mike Berkowitz said...

Way to go Shinjo Perry! Shinjo Perry!

Sarah said...

See? I'd like to think we have the technology.. *grin* Between mark's dad's family and daddy's family... Giant is in there, lurking... Well, it gives me hope that we can just join the "giant baby" club and stop looking embarrased when he crushes smaller babies with his glance..