Thursday, January 3, 2008

grandma sings 5 little monkeys

grandma sings 5 little monkeys
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Singing and dancing in Santa Cruz, it's a party all the time. :) Our amazing weather finally gave out today - after lunch the skies opened up. California needs the rain and we're hoping it'll ease up a bit before we fly home. We're staying in tonight, entertained by the Iowa Caucuses on C-Span & PBS. I can never decide if I think the caucuses are a great idea or total madness. It is possible they are both.
Zachary has gotten several tours of Santa Cruz. We've taken him out to West Cliff Drive a few times, across the UCSC campus, out to Capitola and Aptos. Yesterday we had a great dinner with Shira and Sage (and their son Mordecai). Zachary was watching with wide eyes as Mordecai ran around. He was clearly getting some ideas as he watched from his carseat.

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debbie said...

ummm i'm totally in baby withdrawl... and this witholding of information and photos of baby is quite upsetting. pout. plus you gave me a cold ;)