Thursday, January 31, 2008

Who's a fussy aunt then?

Look Mom, No Arms
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There, this demonstrates everything except his arms *grin*. The rest you can infer from the other pictures.
We've almost made it through the week. Zachary came to work with me one afternoon. We experimented with a pack n play in lab. I would call the result mixed. We'll see - babies? Not the quietest creatures in the world. I know, you're shocked. Hush. Zachary is still running a bit tired, but I think we'll probably try play group in the morning.
PS - Zachary is in *love* with that banana. In love. I know I've mentioned how freaked out I was when we got it. It has a crazy face. With freckles. And a weird nose. And it's giant. And no lies, a little bit phallic. Don't tell him. Shhhhhh. I guess its good to have some strange toys that can haunt you. We'll just consider it us supporting therapists of the future. I mean, considering he'll be in the minority (as a young middle class white... Oh, wait...) *grin* So its our obligation. To help him fit in.

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Debbie said...

I love that I have warranted a posting tab :) Thanks! Those pictures are much better, so glad to see my nephew still has a face! That pic of him with the dog on his head is gorgeous... speaking of which, what's with the theme of 'things on zach's head'? I mean it's funny, but in a year or two he will notice...