Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bedtime Reading

When Zachary finished with his bath, he came over to get a cuddle and dry off from his bath. I was reading the paper, and he was like "me, me! read me! me look!"


I was reading this article. It is about the recent elections in Germany. We've been so involved with the UK election (debacle?) that I'd sort of ignored the rest of the world for the last few days.

So I started reading aloud. I stopped about two paragraphs in, and he was like "Read more!" Ooookey dokie.

If he drops "Bundestag" into conversation, now you'll know why.

Although I just went back and skimmed the article, and they've changed it a bit! Now they say "German upper house". But it was bundestag before ;) Wow, . Dumbing it down for the toddlers. FAIL.

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