Monday, May 3, 2010

My child is learning from TV, and I'm ok with that...

This morning was a bit rough, as it was stupid hot and no one slept very well. Except Zachary, who would be refreshed by a quick dip in boiling oil, followed by a tar & feathering. I went to take a shower, Mark lay on the couch like he'd been hit by a bus. So Zachary got to watch an episode of Dora the Explorer.

I came in from my shower and... he was pointing excitedly at the tv.

"Mommy! Trees, mountains, benny's barn!!"

No way.

Now, those of you less familiar with Dora (or Zachary) might be like "SO WHAT?". Right. Dora, queen of the toddler sect, is all about repetition. One of the things they do is look at the map and figure out how to get where they are going. And then they repeat those directions over and over again, making stops, until they get there.

This seems like not that big a deal, except that up until oh, I don't know, LAST WEEK, Zachary really wasn't so into the talking. Occasionally he might pipe in a bit but frankly, repeating aloud was not his bag.

And now, he's repeating to me with glee the way to get over to Benny's house, to give him his allergy medication.


Grandpa Michael, ready for a new orienteering buddy? I THINK HE'S READY...

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