Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hippo Playground an other parks

into the mouth
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We finally made it to a riverside park playground at 91st that I have long wanted to visit but it is just so out of the way. As you can see the hollow hippos make for great toddler climbing frames. We went with Ronen, Navah and their parents, who were in the city for the weekend.

On Friday, we visited another new park, to celebrate Stephanie distributing her thesis. The outside bar on riverside at 107th-sh overlooked a HUGH sand box, or fake beach, with several volley ball courts and the BEST two swing-a-ring sets ever.

We had a bit of adventure to Brooklyn on sunday. The orginal plan got scraped and Z and I went to check out a nice playground in prospect park. Z as is his current trend headed straight to play in the sand and slipped right into playing with the only Hispanic kids there. And then when they had to go he lined up to have his feet buried by a group of other children who were growing themselves by planting and watering their feet. He sat down in line and turned to the oldest girl and said "bury my feet please" and then later "water my feet, please" totally adorable. Pictures next time.


joven said...

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Brenna said...

So I'm clear, there was no fishing toddlers out of metal hippo guts, right?