Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday. Adventures in the life.

1) Zachary suddenly decided that daycare was evil. This sucks. But! We figured it out. He misses Farren. Farren, wherever you are, we miss you. :) Bargains have been made. hopefully it will be ok.

2) Zachary can say his full name. It is the most adorable thing on the planet.

3) On saturday, we went to see Jen graduate (whoo, we heart PhDs!) and then reconvened (post Mark/Z having park time, and me having writing time) for chinese food on college walk. I suspect these are the bits we'll miss about here. The weather was delicious in a way it rarely is in NY (sunny enough to be nice, cool enough to be comfortable) and we ran around and played and threw balls and climbed bleachers.

As they were prepping for graduation and commencement and all forms of whatever celebration, they were trying out the speakers. They played a chunk of Bob Marley to which Z first sang along (oy yoy yoy, oy yoy yoy yoy...) and then followed the directions of (get up, stand up...)... The first time we were like "What are you doing?"... By the second time we figured it out ;)

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Antara said...

awwww... besides the daycare-hating (which will pass, I am sure!) this all sounds lovely. I DO miss NY and you guys, especially. Kiss to Zachary (aka. Smart Boy Who Can Speak His Own Name) :)