Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Back to work

Back to work
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Indeed we are. Back at work. Sort of, in our kludgy trying to figure it out kind of way. The first two days were fantastic. Monday I worked from home, Tuesday I worked from work for part of the day. Ok, so we did lots of catching up (Mark brought the baby for a bit) but it was a good start. Ugh, and then today. Sucko. I had a doctor's appointment (my last! hoorah! I got a clean bill of health.) But meanwhile... My appointment was at 9:30am. In the morning. Which is practically the earliest an appointment can be. This strategy was employed much through my pregnancy because doctors in new york, in particular our doctor's practice... the later in the day, the more likely you should have brought two meals & a sleeping bag. Anyway, 9:30am.

Awesome. Awesome awesome awesome. So that was a huge chunk-o-rama out of the day. Because I didn't manage to eat before we left the house (Mark was at work, and i have not yet mastered the art of leaving the house with infant) I was *desperate*. On the upside, we had a fantastic adventure aftwards, off to the post office to apply for Zachary's american passport. See evidence in the pictures. But of course, by the time we got home, it was pushing 1:30pm.

What? I'm not in control of my life? Wha? Schedule?
Yeah, I know. We're working on it.

The midget continues to be continuously entertaining. Lots of smiling now when he's awake, which is fantastic fun. We're starting to believe that he means it. :)

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debbie said...

at picture is adorable! i can't believe you waited two hours, that's unreal... guess you know how the rest of their day gets so off ;)

can't wait for you to come out!

love you