Tuesday, November 20, 2007

On the road again...

passport please
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Oh yes, we're deep in the land of documenting the birth of young Zachary. Now that we have accumulated the initial paperwork, we're now generating all sorts of secondary bits and drabs - note exhibit a. We tried today (in a burst of errand doing) to get to the post office to file his american passport paperwork. Ah, perhaps another day. We did however open a bank account for him (hoorah!) and I had a successful doctor encounter (don't you love not feeling crazy? I sure do.)

So slowly slowly we entangle our son in the global network of existence.
Really, I'm just fond of this picture because 1) It will be his passport till he's 5, and a little more like a person and 2) Because of his desperately concerned face, which looks to me like "Um, mom? That raptor looks hungry..."

PS - I totally get the irony where I'm slightly bemused/annoyed at the huge amount of "registering" and document gathering now associated with existing, and here I am generating all this content related to my itsy bitsy five week old baby. Just meeting demand here, people, nothing to see. This is what happens when you indulge a crazy person :)

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