Sunday, November 11, 2007

mummy made redundant

mummy made redundant, originally uploaded by m0nk3yphd.

Oh yes. Today was the day. Zach was four weeks old yesterday and Mark goes back to work tomorrow. Which means 2 more weeks and I'm up for joining the real world too. We had been read the riot act by lots of people about the tricksy step of introducing bottles.

We so should have known better. Nothing gets between Zach and his food. Noooothing.

Who knows if he'll continue to be so nonchalant about change. He certainly didn't get that from me. We can only hope :)

So here's a picture of Mark, concentrating very hard on making sure milk happens. It was adorable, I felt totally at loose ends, and I should be thrilled but really was a little sad to not be quite as special.

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debbie said...

I'm totally shocked. your baby likes eating? WHAT? :) And I'm pretty sure he's going to think you are special for.... I don't know the next 65 years? I wouldn't worry. Love you!