Wednesday, November 14, 2007

An ode to my mom

Heads Up, originally uploaded by m0nk3yphd.

First - tada! This is a picture of pre-breakdown tummy time. He's actually putting up with quite a while being on his belly. His little limbs fling wildly and eventually he works out the push up. Mark said the other day "Look, he's trying to crawl!" which I suppose is true in the vaguest sense of the word. It's like when foals are born. They flail wildly for a few minutes and get their legs stuck up their noses and then finally figure out some coordination. Except it takes a little bit longer with babies. Ok. Maybe a lot longer.

This whole new parent thing is pretty funny. Because clearly this happens with babies every day, even at the moment our son is figuring out how to track the rattle and turn his head and hold our fingers and our gaze. Somewhere else, it's happening too. And somehow? That doesn't make it less special.

Clearly the hormones of birth have done some serious and permanent work.

And the ode to my mom - Just for the record, today we had the first incidence of footie pajama foot filled with poo. I say filled. It wasn't really filled because its sticky stringy breastfeeding poo. So it had more tar dripped alllllll the way down to his toes. Oh yeah. It was *awesome*. It was. I blame this on the hormones. We both just laughed and tickled him. Whoa. What is *wrong* with us? :)

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