Monday, April 21, 2008

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Stuck that way
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Ok. We're really tired. It has been a crazy weekend involving a wonderful shabbat dinner on friday (at our house) and two great seders (one in Chelsea and one in NJ). We're really tired. I think I mentioned that. Zachary had his first "real" food on saturday morning (by real food we mean gritty breastmilk. Real is a strong overstatement here). We thought we'd warm him up on friday by giving him a big spoon to play with. It obviously went well. Lots more later. The pictures are up on Flickr, but the stories will have to wait till we've slept. Happy week we're totally unprepared for! That's the best part of Jewish holidays on the weekend. You don't have to miss work, but you spend all of monday with your head resting on the desk while you surf the internet and drool.

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