Thursday, April 24, 2008

Out to play..

... because it's been so hot and sticky in the afternoons, without A/C, in our apartment. Zachary and I have been heading over to the Tower's garden. Tower 2 provides the perfect shade with a lovely breeze blowing off the hudson. It is a welcome break from the greenhouse, with the sun shining directly in. And it turns out that all there other tower babies come out to play. So yesterday I bumped into Claire and Pearl. And today I met Manny and Mary, as well as Braken and Penelope. Both Manny and Penelope are a little older than Z. And are crawling/walking around making all sorts of naughtiness. And Zachary just sits watching, with a checky grin that say "hmmmm, so thats how I do the crawling thing" ...I suspect more fun in the future.

towers garden
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Debbie said...

those are absurdly cute pictures. i love it so much. what a friday treat!