Sunday, April 6, 2008

The weekend omnibus.... Part I

Still no good video of the backward round about wiggle. Apparently its become too commonplace to entertain us enough to get the video going, sorry. Zachary has had a fun filled weekend though - daddy shoulder rides galore, and an intricate game with a mirror toy. I say intricate. What I mean is... he couldn't decide if he should look at his reflection or chew on it. So instead he went for the middle ground of smooshing it as hard as he good against his face and rubbing it around while looking at the reflection of his very close eye suspiciously. There was a lot of drool. Mark was sitting with him and ended up having several puddles on his trousers. Fun was had by all.
Zachary has also been deeply distracted by the aforementioned fun. He's starting to need reminders to do things like eat & sleep. It could be for moments like these that the words "strung out" were coined... Mark wants me to tell you that when we took this video it was dinner time and Zachary hadn't taken a nap so had been up for 7 or eight hours. Can you tell? CAN YOU TELL? CAN YOU CAN YOU CAN YOU CAN YOU?!?!?! :D We could. It is amazing how instantly reliant new parents become on naps. They are the sweetest nectar. Its like sneaking into an R movie. The baby wakes up and you feel like you've been busted enjoying something fantastically illicit and now real life calls.

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