Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Parallel Play Rocks

face off #2 - 1
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Ok. Tuesday recap of our wild weekend.

Friday night we had a wonderful shabbat dinner at our house with Shane, The Zlotoff family, and two new friends. It was our first foray into anything dinnerparty-ish and we think it went rather well (that's a little fib. We had the Basu-Zychs over while Debbie was here. But we didn't bake bread for that). No pics, but the babies did well post temple. We'd gone to a pre-passover sing along before services. Zachary wasn't quite old enough to hop like a frog but hey... he was willing to make a go of it. Maybe Zachary would have gone to bed earlier if he'd have known what was coming.....

1st food - 4
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Saturday morning brought... food adventures! Oh yeah. Gritty breastmilk is awesome. Z got his groove on after a few funny faces and by the end was lunging for the spoon. It'll be a gradual process but he's starting to lean towards our food... it turns out maybe not just toys go in the mouth.

Professor Pony
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Saturday night ... first night seder fun. Zachary was a hit (The Burch Seder = one of our favorite traditions). He got superfun toys (including a pony whose head spins all the way around - we explained the cats do not work this way)... even Kenny gave him a ride. He was so tired when we went home that he slept the whole way on the subway.

Zachary's 1st train ride
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And on Sunday.. out to New Jersey to meet his cousins and join in the first annual raviv seder. That's what the picture is at the top, a meeting of the minds. *grin* It was fantastic to see what we have to look forward to - the 6 week difference means Daniel (besides having 3 teeth - wow...) is dancing when he stands and plays like a superstar. We headed home tuckered out from all the fun. Zachary closed his eyes when we got on the NJ transit train and didn't open them till we hit windy Broadway. Even when Mark held open the A train doors while carrying him. (I was a little miffed - the woman sitting behind us smiled and said "He didn't even wake up, don't worry". I had to crack up).

Whoo. We all slept pretty well. We might be caught up by tomorrow.

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