Friday, February 29, 2008

Back to Tummy, Wham!

Mom's a cheater
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Zachary was having some high quality blankie time this afternoon. He's chilled out from his jabs, but still a little out of sorts. He's been spending a lot of time on his side? Because he can get there. We've been hanging toys for him to reach at. And I was wandering around trying to get a few things done. I look over, and he's allllllmost managed to flip from his back to his tummy. I told myself he would have made it, but he sorta ran into the rocker (the blue & red thing in this picture). I moved the rocker, and he finished the flip, and I took a picture because I was like "Well, that is *really* close do doing it on your own...."

And then after he started fussing I put him back on his back with a toy. And went back to messing about. And the next thing I knew....

No, she isn't!
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Yeah. That's right. He wanted the octopus bad, and he didn't need help to get there. We better watch out. :) That kid's got skillz....

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