Sunday, February 17, 2008

buffalo thighs

Swim Diaper = Biker Black Lizards
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We'll got a swim diaper last week. So now we just need to find out when the pool is open for babies, and splishsplosh off we go. Oh and Sarah will need to figure out membership since columbia is DUMB and the membership at the morningside campus gym is not the same as membership for the medical campus gym, go figure! Back on topic, what, I hear you ask is so special about a swim diaper. Well really it is just a way to contain the pooooooo with out sinking the baby. And the fabric lets everything else thru..... see the other picture for proof and realization of why he is pulling such a funny face in this photo.....I love that Sarah indulges me and paused in her rush to change him and herself.
Also the super cute penguin butt was uploaded too.

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