Wednesday, February 13, 2008

One third of a year old!

No joke. Isn't that amazing?
In honor of this *obviously* momentous occasion here are *two* videos for your viewing pleasure. *gasp* Two videos?!?! Doth your cup runneth over?

Don't get used to it ;)

What you can't see because this is compressed... At the very end? Where mark for no visible reason pulls his head to one side suddenly and we all laugh hysterically? That would be the place where Zachary drool dangled ALL THE WAY INTO MARK'S MOUTH momentarily. And in that moment where it would have gotten super gross? Mark noticed, moved, and got spit allllll over his face. It was a close call, even for those of us that shout POO with glee throughout the house on a daily basis. You have to have limits.

This video (as you can tell from mark talking) is from right after the superbowl. We *totally* freaked him out by shouting when the giants won. I was trying to help him go to sleep and he just started talking. I think its the tape he would send to the U.N. explaining that these people just WON'T LEAVE HIM ALONE and they MUST SEND HELP. And he looks so serious. I wasn't going to upload it, since it seems like either an angry diatribe or a plea for help, but he's so chatty. And since the first one is pure comedy... ya gotta have balance.
We also really wanted to show you a funny sketch from manstrokewoman. But apparently no one else thought it was funny enough to steal to the internet. And I won't bother to describe it, because it'll kill the fun.

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