Thursday, February 28, 2008


I haven't really mentioned it lately, but we're battling thrush. Well, actually, cross fingers, we're on our way out of the woods. I say "we" but the truth is *I* have thrush and Zachary keeps giving it to me. See? A mother must have guilt ammo that starts somewhere. And I have two terrible doctor stories. And many of you have already heard them. But first? A shout out to the MOST INCREDIBLE DOCTOR ON THE PLANET. Dr. Mona Gabbay is a doctor who specializes in breastfeeding (gasp, what a concept) and is a trained lacation consultant. She earned her way onto my "List of Favorite People" by telling me I wasn't crazy. Hoorah, not crazy. Then? Then she told me how we can get the thrush gone. She even explained why it had stuck around for so long. (For those of you who may be suffering thrush and googling like mad trying to fix it? Don't boil your bras. I'm just saying. I mean, I didn't. But I was almost that desperate. Don't say I didn't warn you.) Here's hoping medicine works. Now on to the complaints. ;)

We first tried to get the thrush taken care of mostly by his pediatric practice. They prescribed nystatin, which it turns out is pretty well known to not be uber effective these days. Fine. That combined with (hard earned) oral medication for me took us back from HORRIBLE PAIN I WANTED TO DIE FROM to "Huh, this is sort of uncomfortable". Great. An improvement. When I called his doctor to ask what we could do to finish it off? His impatient reply was, after we clarified it was the thrush on my breasts that hadn't gone.....

"Your breasts are not my problem."

Awesome. I managed not to burst into tears until *after* I hung up the phone.

I found a much kinder Ob/GYN who had prescribed the oral medication I was on. When I called to ask her she wasn't in, but very kindly called me from home (where she was obviously home with her kids). Above and beyond the call of duty. Her response, several weeks later when we hadn't managed to kick it with her "cure"?

"I'm a bad mom. I didn't breastfeed my kids. I don't know what else to tell you."

Now, first of all, I don't think she's a bad mom, or a bad person. I think you decide what you can do to feed your kids. It's your body and your family. Breastfeeding does take energy (physical & emotional) and time. It is not all bunnies and roses. I do not care that she didn't breastfeed. But? I care that she couldn't be bothered to doctor. Did my orthopedic surgeon have his hip replaced before he replaced mine? No. No he did not. Yet somehow he managed to find it ok and even get the new one in. I get it. Not that many women breastfeed. Fine. Isn't there, oh, I don't know, a community of people you could talk to? Oh wait. YOU COULD JUST GOOGLE IT. Because actually that works too. I googled it. But I can't write myself a prescription. Because that would be against the law.

Ugh. Who knew there were so many ways to get it wrong?

But now its right. So everyone can rejoice. Hoorah! Rejoice.

Mark says I have to post a good video. Tomorrow, I promise, back to baby content. He'll be chipper, fun will be had.

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