Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ring Thang

Zachary cracks me up. First of all, he's really started to notice the camera. He'll be doing something cute, and I get out the camera, and then he stops and stares at it. Well, except for this video, since he was taking the rings very seriously. He's also getting some motion when on his belly. We aren't talking real motion. Just backward scootches when what he wants is forward. It bodes badly for the forward. If we catch it on video you'll see it here first. Obviously ;)

PS - I don't know if anyone notices. But some ridiculous amount of the time, the background you can hear is Radio 4.

And not that anyone cares (No baby content past this point)..
But I'm starting to rock the whole baby + rest of life thing. Yesterday? I took care of the baby and made pizza. Today? Baby + pea soup. Dude. We might not starve to death after all. Look out martha stewart... Oh wait. Right. I would have to also do the *dishes* for me to win a death match with her. Shoot.


Debbie said...

yes... we notice the radio 4 you cute nerdy people :)

i can't wait to come play!

Grandad said...

We noticed too, but HOW did you manage to get R4 to interview an American at the same time!! :-)